Monday, February 23, 2009

Once again I have fallen off of the "blog wagon"!! When I went to the Dr. last Wednesday they said that only one of the 4 eggs I had grew. However it only grew to a 15 and needed to be at an 18. He sent me home and told me if I didn't ovulate by Friday morning to come back in for another ultrasound. So, back I went Friday morning at 7a.m. When he did the ultrasound he couldn't find the egg. He told me that he thought I may have released it which means I may have actually ovulated. However, it could also be that it was a bad egg and it deflated. Leave it to me to have bad eggs, right???? He said it is possible that maybe JP and I could conceive naturally but the chance is very slim! He told me that if I didn't start my period in 15 days to take a test. When I start we will then start another round of Clomid. He said this time I will be on 300mgs. When I asked what the highest dose of Clomid was that he would put me on he said, "This is it. The next step is the injectibles and at that point you really need to think about doing in vetro since you will be spending all that money. IVF will give you a higher success rate." So, keep us in your prayers that it will work this next round cause I can guarantee you we can't afford IVF!!!


Kerri said...

You guys are in my prayers!

Hollie said...

i'll be praying for ya'll.
hang in there!