Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Ok so for the first time in my life, I went to church on a Wednesday night. Now you have to understand one thing. I grew up Catholic in Ohio. I didn't even know that people went to church during the week! And for many years the thought of going twice in one week scared me! Let alone going twice on Sunday and once on Wednesday. Are you kidding me????

Well, John Paul grew up Methodist and we had been trying to find a church where we both felt at home. We went to the Catholic church, the Non-Denominational church, we probably would have gone to Church's Chicken if they had held a service there! JP finally asked if we could try the Methodist church. So being the wonderful wife that I am I said, "Sure thing dear!!!!" (ok jk!) We have been visiting for a while now and I really have enjoyed it.

Well on my way home today I had turned the radio off and was actually praying for guidance on different things. The next thing I know I have this thought in my head to go to church tonight. I PRACTICALLY DROVE OFF THE ROAD!!! Where did that come from???? I soon realized that it wasn't my thought at all, someone else put it there!

After the evening festivities we were talking to the pastor and assistant pastor. At that point I found out why I was supposed to go tonight. They need someone to help with the Special Needs children there. Apparently they have been working together to figure out a way to help those families. Before I could even get the sentence out of what I do, the assistant pastor handed me her business card. Thanks God, I needed that!!!!

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monica said...

YEAH!!!That is awesome girl :)